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Saturn Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 International Space Station Abbreviation
4 The only natural satellite of Earth
5 When opposite the Sun, Moon is called ________
7 Saturn's largest moon
9 International Astronomical Union
10 This lightest of elements is the primary constituent of Saturn
12 The moons which stabalise the F ring of Saturn are called as __________
16 What day of the week corresponds to the planet Saturn
18 The second largest moon of Saturn
20 The biggest gap, division in Saturn's rings
21 Saturn is less ______ than water, and thus would float if it were placed in a large enough ocean
23 Name of the probe that will explore Titan’s atmosphere; also the name of the scientist who discovered Titan in 1655.
25 Huygens discovered these around Saturn in 1659
1 The first spacecraft to visit Saturn
3 The most remote planet in ancient times
6 __________ takes approximately 60 minutes to travel from Saturn to Earth
8 The unit of measuring the Solar System
11 At ____________ Saturn is the brightest and largest. (180° from the Sun)
13 Path of Saturn, which is covered in approximately 30 years
14 In 1610, he thought Saturn’s rings resembled “ears” or “handles.”
15 Earth has been called 'The Planet of The __________'
17 He discovered Titan’s atmosphere in 1944. NASA named an airborne infrared observatory after him.
19 This moon has a huge crater that inspired its nickname, the “Death Star” moon. (The Death Star was a space station of the evil Empire in the movie Star Wars.)
22 The cloud top on Saturn
23 Hubble Space Telescope
24 The second gap or division in Saturn's rings
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