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School Rocks! Crossword Puzzle

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School Rocks!

            5     6                              
      7           8                              
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Across Down
2 a person, group, or organization that you compete with in sport, business, a fight etc = a competitor
7 someone who gives private lessons to one student or a small group, and is paid directly by them
8 a chance to do smth or an occasion when it is easy for you to do smth
10 an agreement in which everyone accepts less than what they wanted at first
12 the quality of trying to do something even when it is difficult
14 extremely unusual and slightly amusing or shocking
15 to be unable to escape from a bad or boring situation
16 the state of being known about by a lot of people because of your achievements
17 to be sure that you can do things well, that people like you
18 to make known smth that was previously secret or unknown
20 smth that tests strength, skill, or ability, especially in a way that is interesting
22 to sleep lightly for a short time = to doze
1 average, common, or usual, not different or special
3 to choose smb by thinking carefully about which is the best or most suitable
4 in spite of smth
5 to give someone private lessons in a particular subject, especially so that they can pass an important test
6 a state school in Britain for children over the age of 11 of different abilities
9 to say what someone should or should not do, especially because of rules or what someone in authority has said
11 worthless or not likely to have any useful result
13 a strong desire to achieve something
19 one of the three periods of time that the school or university year is divided into
20 used to say that something happens or is true even though something else might have prevented it
21 a performance by a musician or a group of musicians playing popular music
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