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Across Down
3 a repeating pattern of ions arranged in three dimensions
5 a summary of how energy from the Sun enters, moves through, and leaves the Earth system
6 natural warming caused when gases in the atmosphere absorb thermal energy that is radiated by the Sun and Earth
7 a layer of gases that surrounds a planet or moon
9 a compound formed when atoms of two or more different elements share electrons
10 light that is emitted during exposure of the source to ultraviolet light
11 cytokinesis creates tow parts. these parts are called
14 light emitted from material because of the high temperature of the material
15 it forms on the tip of a flower stem and allows the plant to grow taller
1 a thin, valve like, cartilaginous structure that covers the glottis during swallowing
2 an organism whose genetic information has been altered with the insertion of genes from another species
4 the fraction of incident light or electromagnetic radiation that is reflected by the surface of an object
8 the substance through which light travels
12 the distance from one crest (or trough) of a wave to the next crest (or trough)
13 a technique used to extract metals by dissolving the metal in an aqueous solution
16 the process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion by adding or removing charged particles such as electrons or ions
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