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Identify science words by the definitions provided.

                                3       4   5            
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Across Down
5 spin on its axis
7 water that falls from clouds in the form of rain, sleet, hail and snow
8 any of the living things in a biome
9 moving in a fixed path around another object.
10 describes when the shape of the moon is growing smaller
13 a strong tide produced when the sun, earth and moon are lined up in spce
14 the amount of time for a planet to go around the sun one complete time
15 energy in motion
17 an eclipse when Earth is between sun and moon
20 the weight of Earth's atmosphere pressing in all directions
21 an eclipse when moon is between earth and sun
22 an educated guess
26 the condition of the atmospere at a particular place
27 describes when the shape of the moon is growing larger
28 the amount of time it takes a planet to spin once on its axis
1 material where electricity flows freely
2 a diagram that shows the path of energy as it flows frome one organism to the next
3 a non living part
4 a closed path for the flow of electricity
6 the use of science to solve problems and make people's lives easier
7 stored energy
11 material where electricity difficult to flow
12 all the objects and energy in space
16 a consumer that only eats plants
18 the ways the moon looks as seen from Earth
19 the blocking of light from one object to another
22 the amount of moisture in the air
23 the rise and fall of Earth's ocean
24 the ability to do work
25 gives off own light and heat
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