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              6 7                            
9                                   10        
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Across Down
4 the resistance to motion of one object moving relative to another
5 Solid Liquid gas are _________ through which waves can travel
6 is the sum of an object's kinetic and potential energy
9 Is the hightof the crest and trough
11 The energy of stretched or compressed objects
13 The energy stored in chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together
15 The distance from the one crest to another crest
16 As the ________ energy decreases, the potential energy increases
19 object, substance, or material allowing the flow of heat, electricity, or sound
20 The abitity to do work or cause change
1 The transfer of energy by the fluid or air 098
2 a substance that does not readily allow the passage of heat or sound
3 The transfer of energy between one object to another
7 The energy of moving electrons
8 The actio of dividing or spitting something into two parts
10 using a force to move an object a distance
12 The __________of a transverse wave is the highest point of the wave
14 is the process that powers the sum and the stars
17 Lowest point of a transverse wave
18 The transfer of heat energy through electromagnetic waves in the form of all directions ie heat lamps sun fire
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