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Across Down
1 sand, silt,or mud which is very fine particles of rock
6 point directly above the focus of the earth's center
10 wind-blown silt and clay sediment that produce very fertile soil
11 center of the earth
13 weathered material is moved by wind, water, ice or gravity
15 solid rock portion of the earth's surface
16 rock is changed into a new substance as an interaction between elements
17 measures the size of the waves created by an earthquake
19 idea that earth as a supercontinent divided and drifted apart over time
21 plates collide
24 uses information collected by seismographs to determine strength of earthquake
26 plates move apart, spreading horizontally
28 plates slide past one another
29 large moving pieces of the earth's lithosphere
30 surrounding the core
33 from the edge of a continent to the deep part of the ocean
38 when materials pour out of the earth's surface
40 difference in elevation of a landform from its lowest to its highest point
41 the deposited sediment where a river enters the ocean
2 area drained by a major river and its tributaries
3 water held in the pores of rock
4 sun, nine planets and other celestial bodies that orbit sun
5 changing of landforms by slowly moving glaciers
7 level at which rock is saturated
8 surface shape and composition of landforms and their distribution in a region
9 layer of gases surrounding the earth
12 fracture of the earth's crust
14 processes that break rock into smaller pieces
18 molten rock
20 ridge or hill formed by rocks left behind by a glacier
22 part of earth where plants and animals live
23 physical and chemical processes that change the characteristic of rock
25 organic material
27 thin layer of rock at the earth's surface
31 a zone around the rim of the Pacific Ocean with majority of active volcanos
32 large, long-lasting mass of ice that moves because of gravity
33 landmasses above water on earth
34 violent movement of the earth
35 giant wave in the ocean caused by an edarthquake
36 naturally formed features of the surface of the earth
37 water elements of the earth
39 magma that has reached the earth's surface
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