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Across Down
2 a material that allows a reaction to occur at a faster rate than without it, but which is not used up in the reaction.
3 How far something is from the reference point.
5 a molecule of oxygen with three oxygen atoms. At ground level it is a pollutant, but in the stratosphere it is essential for life on earth.
6 describes the force betweeen two objects in contact with each other that are moving or attempting to move relative to each other
7 the idea that a prediction can be proven wrong.
8 The amount of time it takes for something to increase by 100%.
9 change in position divided by the time required to make the change.
13 change in velocity divided by the time required to make the change in velocity
14 a quantity that has a direction specified in addition to its numerical value.
15 How far something has traveled.
1 distance traveled divided by the time required to travel that distance
2 Mainly Freon.
4 the quality of matter that resists a change in motion
10 the force exerted on a mass by a nearby massive body
11 Roughly a measure of the amount of 'stuff' making up something.
12 an outside agent that acts to change a bodies motion
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