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                    W     S                
            M   M   E     A   R            
T U R B I N E   I   A     T   E I G H T Y  
            T   N   T     E   V            
            E   E   H     L   O            
            O   R   E     L   L            
    S O L A R   A   R     I   U            
            I   L   I     T   T       T    
      P H O T O S Y N T H E S I S     I    
        Y   E       G         O       D    
  G O L D                     N U C L E A R
        R                             S    
      F O S S I L F U E L S                
      G E O T H E R M A L         H        
    C   C                   R     U        
    O   T E M P E R A T U R E     M        
    M   R                   S     U        
  P E R I H E L I O N   B I O M A S S      
    T   C                   U              
        I                 G R A V I T Y    
      A T M O S P H E R E   C              
        Y     E     R     S E A S O N S    
              D     O                      
              I     S A T U R N            
              M     I                      
      M A G N E T   O                      
              N     N                      
Across Down
6 to make electricity we can turn a .............
7 how many years does it take to replace a resource for it to be classified as renewable
8 heat and light and photosynthesis all result from .......... energy
10 CO2 + Water + light -- O2 + sugar
12 a valuable mineral mined in WA
13 making energy from splitting atoms
14 coal and oil are types of ............... (2 words, no space in between)
15 happens in iceland. Making energy from the heat of the planet earth.
19 this is sometimes how weathering can occur
20 the point at which an object orbiting the sun in an ellipse is furtherst away
21 all plant and animal matter found on earth
22 non contact force that attracts any two objects with mass
23 layers of gas above the planet earth
26 the tilt of the earths axis is responsible for the .............
27 the 2nd largest planet
28 inside a turbine is a coil of wire and a ............
1 breaking rocks into smaller pieces
2 an object in orbit of a planet is a ...................
3 a meteoroid big enough to reach the surface of the earth without burning up
4 substances found in rock, useful for mining
5 =365.25 days
9 the moon and sun are responsible for these, but mainly the moon
11 making electricity by using water
16 the organic part of soil
17 massive ball of ice and dust
18 something that we use from the planet earth
24 material such as silt that may settle to the bottom of an ocean or lake
25 where small rocks and sediments are washed away by wind water and ice
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