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Across Down
8 The colour of the mark left by scraping the mineral on a white unglazed tile.
9 Map that shows the geology of an area.
10 Igneous rock formed below the surface of the earth.
11 side view
13 Surveying are done from aircrafts or helicopters
14 A drilled sample or rock.
15 Narrow hole drilled into a rock, alllowing oil and gas to escape to the surface.
17 A soultion pumped into the ground to dissolve minerals in the rock
18 formed from microscopic animals and plants which lived in oceans and lakes.
20 Formed from plants that lived in swampy areas on land.
22 Breakdown of rocks by physical processes.
24 The study of rocks.
25 Rocks made by sediments being cemented together.
1 Process where minerals under pressure become fat and develop layers or bands.
2 people who study rocks.
3 The colour a mineral glows when heated to a high temperature in a flame.
4 very hot molten rock.
5 Molten rock that does not reach the earths surface.
6 Preserved remains of living organisms.
7 Metamorphism over a large area below the crust forming huge movements.
8 a shock wave is sent into the ground surface, and reflected sound waves are recorded.
12 A rock that contains minerals
16 Very sensitive instruments that measures small differences in the gravitational pull of the earth.
19 How shiny a mineral is.
21 Formed from cooling magma.
23 Physical property based on ability to scratch particular minerals.
26 process involving a floating platform that mixes water and rocks or soil to seperate minerals.
27 Device That measures magnetic field strengh.
28 A large pit dug into the ground suface.
29 Images created using data from satellite that detects electromagnetic radiation from earth
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