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Across Down
2 Using objective, systematic observations to test theories
3 Norm that is loosely enforce
4 Intended beneficial consequence of an action
5 Process by which people learn the characteristics of their group
7 Neo Nazis, Hell's Angels, and gangs are examples
9 Language, values, beliefs, traditions are examples
11 He identified social integration as key factor in suicide
12 Disorientation from experiencing a different culture
13 Expressions of approval or disapproval for upholding or violating norms
14 Perspective that sees society as a set of parts that each have a function
15 The way we use our bodies to communicate (facial expressions, body language)
19 Examples: Clothing, jewelry, buildings, and machines
1 Norm so deeply held that it causes revulsion when broken
2 Perspective that views society as composed of symbols used to establish meaning
6 Man who proposed stages of moral development
8 Language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and material objects passed from one generation to the next
10 Freud's term for our inborn drives for self-gratification
16 Socialization in which society sets children on different paths because they are male or female
17 Man who founded conflict theory
18 Mead's stage in which children pretend to take on roles of specific people (ex. Batman)
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