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                    E U K A R Y O T E        
      F U N C T I O N                        
                    D                 C      
              L   G O L G I C O M P L E X    
              Y     P                 L     O
              S     L                 L     R
T I S S U E   O R G A N S Y S T E M         G
      T       S     S                       A
      R       O     M I T O C H O N D R I O N
      U       M     I                        
      C       E     C E L L M E M B R A N E  
      T             R                   U    
      U             E                   C    
    P R O K A R Y O T E                 L    
      E             I               V   E    
                    C E L L U L O S E   U    
                    U               S   S    
        O R G A N E L L E           I        
        R           U               C        
        G       C E L L W A L L     L        
        A           M               E        
Across Down
2 an organism made up of cells that have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane
3 the special, normal, or proper activity of an organ or part
6 the organelle that packages and distributes proteins
8 a group of similar cells that perform a common function
10 a group of organs that work together to perform body functions
11 is the organelle in which sugar is broken down to produce energy
12 is the protective layer that protects the cell
14 an organism that consists of a single cell that does not have a nucleus
16 is a complex sugar that most animals cannot digest
17 structures that perform specific functions within the cell
18 is a rigid structure that gives support to a cell
1 cell organelle composed of RNA and protein, the site of protein synthesis
2 is a system of folded membranes in which proteins, lipids are made
4 the smallest unit that can perform all needs of life
5 a cell organelle that contains digestive enzymes
7 a collection of tissues that carry a specialized function of the body
9 the arrangement of parts in an organism
13 some cells,the DNA is enclosed inside an organelle
15 a small sac that contains materials in a eukaryotic cell
17 a living thing
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