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Across Down
3 Layer of solid rock below the soil
4 Rarest, most durable, and most beautiful minerals
6 Earthquake zone that includes the San Andreas Fault
7 Volcano that will probably never erupt again
8 Group in which a test is performed
10 Type of rock formed when preexisting rocks are altered by heat or pressure
11 Measure of the pull of gravity on an object
12 Type of rock formed when magma solidifies
14 Rocks that have a smooth, glass-like texture`
15 Chemical sediments that result from the evaporation of water
16 Largest group of minerals which compose over 90% of the earth's crust
17 Hard, round structures that form when minerals settle out of water and crystallize around a sand grain or other mineral fragment
18 Well-known chemical sedimentary rock
20 Any mineral that contains a valuable metallic element
1 Soil substance composed of decayed organisms' particles
2 Substances that are found naturally in the earth, and have a crystalline structure
5 Most famous measure of the earthquake strength, which rates earthquakes on a scale of 1 to 10
9 Metal that is more valuable than gold or silver
13 Theory that has never been proven false
19 Beryl that has a deep green color
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