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Across Down
3 A place where two bones meet
6 A large and powerful ocean wave usually caused by an underwater earthquake
7 Chickens lay them
11 To breathe in
14 A particle in an atom that has no electric charge
15 The thin outer layer of Earth
16 The preserving and wise use of natural resources
17 A storm that produces thunder and lightning
18 To breathe out
22 The daily rise and fall of the surface of a large body of water like the ocean
23 Any for of water that falls from clouds to the Earth's surface
26 The process in which the body takes in fresh air and forces out used air
28 A positively charge particle in an atom
29 An animal that does not have a backbone
33 magma that flows out of a volcano
34 A deep sleep that helps some animals survive the winter
37 A mass of tiny droplets of water that condense from the air
39 Anything that has mass and takes up space
40 A land mass surrounded by water
43 The remains or traces of a living thing, usually preserved in rock
44 Hot, molten rock deep inside the Earth
45 To process and reuse materials
47 The number of times a heart beats in one minute
1 The underground part of a plant that anchors the plant and absorbs water
2 The place where two air masses meet
4 The process of breaking down food
5 Plant eater
8 No longer living as a species
9 Meat eater
10 The loudness or softness of a sound
12 A push or a pull
13 The force that pulls objects toward Earth
16 A group of stars that form a fixed pattern
19 The imaginary line on which an object rotates
20 The invisible, odorless and tasteless mixture of gases that surrounds Earth
21 The smallest particle of an element
24 An imaginary line halfway between the North and South Poles
25 The innermost layer of the Earth
27 A tree or shrub that bears its seeds in cones
30 The hard tissue that forms the skeleton
31 A negatively chared particle in an atom
32 The change of state from a solid to a liquid
35 A violent, funnel-shaped storm of spinning wind
36 Plant and meat eater
38 The part of a plant that supports the leaves and flowers
41 Fish use these to breathe
42 A state of matter that has no definite shape or volume
46 The basic unit that makes up all living things
47 The dirtying of the environment with waste materials or other unwanted substances
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