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Across Down
1 the way light reflects off a mineral's surface
3 hot, molten rock below Earth's crust
7 a type of rock that forms when sediments are pressed together in layers
8 a property of minerals that tells how well it resists scratcing
9 a scientist who studies rock to learn about Earth's history
10 magma that reaches Earth's surface
11 a squeezing force that pushes thing together
12 a type of rock formed when melted rock cools and hardens
13 the series of processes that show how rocks change from one into another
14 the way a mineral splits or breaks along flat surfaces
15 a property of minerals that tells the color of powder left behind when the mineral is scratched along a white or black tile
2 small pieces of material normally carried and deposited by wind or water
3 a natural non-living substance that is made out of similar elements
4 a mineral or rock containing a useful property or substance
5 rock whose form has been changed by heat or pressure
6 the remains of a living thing from many years ago
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