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Across Down
2 The third nearest planet to the sun.
5 The hot liquid part of the core.
9 Organic Matter deposited by water, air or ice.
13 Wearing of the earth by wind, ice and water.
14 A topic in science where it focuses on the earth's structure and substance and it's history.
16 The gases surrounding the earth, consisting of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
17 The solid part of the earth composed of the crust and upper part of the mantle
18 It can be reformed by either sedimentary or igneous rocks.
19 The thin outer layer of the earth.
20 This type of rock often contains fossils.
21 The star which the earth orbits around.
22 It is the build up sediments.
23 Various processes that causes an exposed rock to decompose.
26 To maintain something in its original or existing state.
27 A substance that is formed naturally in the earth. They can often be found in metamorphic rocks.
28 When particles are closely compacted or crowded.
1 The earth's layer of thick, solid and semi solid rock.
3 A luminous point in the night sky.
4 A natural satellite of the earth.
6 Rock that stayed inside the earth.
7 The hottest solid part of the earth. It contains an alloy of iron and nickel
8 Molten rock beneath or within the earth's crust.
10 Preserved remains, impressions or traces of a living thing that was once alive.
11 A solid mineral material that makes up the earth's crust.
12 A group of changes from igneous rock to sedimentary rock to metamorphic rock.
15 The thicker these are, in the metamorphic rocks, the more intense the heat and presure the rock has been exposed to.
16 The upper layer of the earth's mantle, below the lithosphere
19 A clear rock. May be found in both metamorphic or igneous rocks.
24 Rock that came out of the earth .
25 Molten rock that erupts from the volcanoe.
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