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Across Down
4 a protein that speeds up the reaction in a living thing
8 energy releasing process that dose not require oxygen
9 large organic molecules made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen
11 the final stage of the cell cycle
14 the process by whitch a cell captures the energy in sunlight and uses it to make food
15 an substance that can not be broken down into a simpler substance
16 very long orgainc molecule containing oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and phophorus
18 the movement of cellular materials through a cell membrane wothout the use of cellular energy
19 an energy-rich organic compound made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
21 thread-like chromotin that condenses into rod structures
25 the movement of materials through a cellular menbrane using cellular energy
26 the main photosynthetic pigment in chloroplasts
1 the regular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo
2 first stage of the cell cycle
3 an organim that dose not make its own food
5 the process in whitch molecules move from an area of high concetration to an area of low concentration
6 the smaller molecules that make up proteins
7 this means that some materials can pass through the membrane and others can not
10 the process by whitch cells obtain energy from glucose
12 this is found in the cytoplasm as well as in the nucleus
13 the next part of interphase
17 genetic material that carries information about an organism
20 an organism that makes its own food
22 the stage during whitch the cell's nucleus divids and forms two new nuclei
23 the diffusion of water moecules through a selctively permeable membrane
24 small opening on the underside of leaves
26 two or more chemically combined elemnets
27 a colored chemical compound that absorbs light
28 fats, oils, and waxs are examples of this
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