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Screen Printing Crossword Puzzle

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Screen Printing

                  1                 2   3   4   5              
                8           9                                  
              11       12                               13        
                  16             17           18                  
  20     21   22                                                  
                                          25           26        
              27                 28     29         30     31        
    32                       33                                  
34                                                     35        
                      37   38                     39              
Across Down
4 use to clear unexposed emulsion from screen after burning
7 use this squeegee when printing pink on navy blue
8 another word for 'cleaning' a screen to be reused
10 software used to create vector based images for vinyl
11 applied to a screen to create the stencil
13 sure sign the ink is dry
15 where the emulsion is stored
19 oldest form of printing
20 bends text
22 software used for creating designs
23 photoshop panel that shows the order of each element on a document
24 tool used to apply thin layer of emulsion
27 scales and rotates
31 applied around edges of screen to lessen clean up
33 dissolves emlusion
34 square squeegee will always be used when the ink is __________ than the garment
35 avoid these lines
36 merging all layers into one
37 lighting conditions for applying emulsion
39 use this squeegee when printng green on yellow
1 approximate distance, in inches, from collar to top of design
2 place under screen to allow emulsion to dry
3 add this word when searching for images to narrow your search
5 helps check to ensure design is straight before printing
6 tiny digital dots that make up an image
9 removes ink from tools and screens
12 fliter sketch _____________
13 tool used to pull ink across design when printing
14 a digital sketch of your design
16 move tool + _________ = duplicate
17 Round squeegee will always be used with white ink (true or false)
18 sticker or heat transfer
21 tape this to screen when burning to transfer design
25 image adjustments ______________
26 tighten screen over frame
28 concentrated soap used for cleaning
29 tiny, undesired, holes in the emulsion
30 device that presses t-shirts to transfer designs with intense heat and pressure
32 another word for 'exposing' a screen
38 art work must be...
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