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Segments And Shapes Crossword Puzzle

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Segments and Shapes

Complete the following crossword

          3                                   4      
                6                                   7
  10                                       11          
                                  20       21          
              23       24                              
Across Down
6 A triangle with all equal sides
8 lying in the same straight line
9 2 sets of parallel sides
12 segment whos endpoints are the midpoints of each side
14 two sides of a triangle are equal
15 4 sides
16 segment that has a endpoint at the vertex and opposite side
17 in the same plane
18 a circle in a polygon is tangent to the circle
19 center is one endpoint in the circle and other endpoint is on the circle
22 A triangle with no equal sides
23 intersecting a system of lines
1 segment whos endpoint is at the vertex going to the line containing the opposite side
2 a line that intersects a circle at 2 points
3 exact location in space
4 a line that intersects at 1 point, also is perpendicular to the radius
5 segment whos endpoints are on the sides of a triangle
7 point or value that marks the end of a ray or one of the ends of a line segment
10 the set of all points in a plane that are the same distance from a given point
11 two dimensions of a point
13 segment whos endpoints are at a vertex and whos midpoint is at the opposite side
17 segment whos endpoints are on the circle
20 extends along the line from the endpoint
21 highest point
24 extends in all directions and exists in 3 dimensions
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