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Self Esteem And Goals Crossword Puzzle

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Self Esteem and Goals

Fill in the puzzle with the correct word from the clues

                        1     2                                
      4                             5                          
    7                                   8                      
      16                               17                        
23         24     25   26   27                                      
Across Down
5 Treating everyone with understanding
6 Being willing to take on duties or tasks
7 Sharing, being honest
10 Having a positive attitude about the future
11 Goals you plan to accomplish in a short period of time
12 Be kind to others and feel good about yourself
14 An opinion or fear formed without having facts or firsthand knowledge.
15 Being Fair and Honest
16 The process of working toward something you want.
18 A personal feeling or belief
19 Reliable, keeping promises
20 How you FEEL about yourself
21 Willingness to answer for your own actions.
23 Taking care of your body
28 Are the beliefs and principles that guide the way a person lives.
1 A person whose success or behavior serves as a good example for others
2 being true to your ethical values
3 Treat everyone equally and honestly
4 The process of making a choice or finding a solution
5 Following the Law
8 Show respect for myself and others
9 Goals you plan to achieve in months or years
13 Showing regard to other people, property, and authority
17 The VIEW you have of yourself
22 The way you think, feel, and act
24 belief in your ability to do what you set out to do
25 Affect my wellbeing
26 Taking a stand to make a difference
27 Ability to accept others as they are.
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