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Sensation & Perception Crossword Puzzle

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Sensation & Perception

                          12                                 13
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Across Down
8 difference between the images provided by the two retinas
9 ability to see the relation of objects in space
10 illusion in which the same object is seen as two alternating figures--first one, then the other
11 chemical receptors on the tongue that decode molecoles of food or drink to identify them
12 nerve receptors in the skin that respond to pressure, temperature, or pain
14 ability to perceive an object as having the same shape regardless of the angle at which it is seen
15 how rough or smooth objects appear; used in depth perception
16 the sense of smell
19 ability to perceive an object as the same color regardless of the environment
20 ability to keep objects in the environment steady by perceiving either ourselves or outside objects as moving
1 odor chemicals that communicate a message
2 an apparatus used to demonstrate depth perception
3 illusion in which one line in a picture with two equal-length lines seems longer
4 a perceptual cue that involves grouping like things together
5 an organized whole, shape, or form
6 process of filling in the missing details of what is viewed
7 ability to keep an object's brightness constant as the object is moved to various environments
13 ability to retain the size of an object regardless of where it is located
17 inaccurate perceptions
18 a perceptual cue that involves grouping together things that are near one another
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