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Sherlock Holmes Crossword Puzzle

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Sherlock Holmes

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Across Down
2 Prevent something from happening.
5 A small spot or patch of color.
7 To surprise or impress someone.
8 A nomad; living a wandering life.
9 Showing caution or distrust of someone or something.
10 Extraordinary.
12 Overall character or quality that is judged by other people.
15 Very sharp; intelligent.
16 To become larger.
17 To come together; assemble.
18 Deadly.
19 Not gentle; violent.
20 A loop with a running knot.
21 A rapid sound of snapping noises.
22 A thin person piece or small amount of something.
23 Something that is demanded for the freedom of a captured person.
1 A sudden feeling of excitement.
3 To hide or cover up the truth by a form of appearance.
4 A particular fact or piece of information.
6 A feeling that you should do the right thing.
7 Very unreasonable.
11 Careful to avoid problems or danger.
13 To make something last.
14 To take part or intervene in an activity without invitation.
19 To quit.
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