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Short Story Elements Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Short Story Elements

                        H     S
                C L I M A X   U
                        R     S
                P       A     P
        S       L       C     E
        I N T R O D U C T I O N
        T       T       E     S
  S     U               R     E
V E R B A L I R O N Y          
  T     T                 T    
  T     I                 H    
  I   C O N F L I C T     E    
  N     N                 M    
  G     A T M O S P H E R E    
        I                 M   S
      D R A M A T I C I R O N Y
        O                 O   M
    D E N O U E M E N T   D   B
        Y                     O
Across Down
3 the turning point where the fortunes of the protagonist either improve or decline.
6 The opening paragraphs of a story which should, as quickly as possible, introduce the main characters, start the action and fill in enough exposition and setting to indicate the general atmosphere of the story.
8 The contrast between what a character says and what the reader knows to be true.
10 The struggle which is the basis of every story ever written
11 A cloud of feelings which envelop the story
14 When the reader has more information or knows more than the character in the story.
15 The part of the story which comes after the climax
1 Any one of the persons in the story
2 A tense feeling of waiting or expectation aroused by various means like hinting at actions to come, putting the hero in danger, etc
4 The arrangement of a series of incidents or situations that add to the complexity of the story.
5 Shows discrepancy between appearance and reality, between expectation and fulfillment, between what is said and what would seem appropriate.
7 The setting is the time and place in which the story takes place
9 ... is the message of the story. It is not the same thing as the plot.
12 The feeling aroused in a reader by the events in a story
13 A....is an object, person, situation, action or some other item which as a literal meaning in the story, but which suggests or represent other meanings as well.
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