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Short Story Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Short Story Terms

Use the clues to find the words

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Across Down
2 The type of narration used to tell the story
3 A comparison that uses like or as
4 Complications or obstacles create conflict and suspense
5 The main character
6 Introduces the characters and describes the setting
7 The narrator is a character in the story he or she is telling
11 Gets the action moving and sets up conflict
16 The narrator is telling the story from the outside and is not a character in it
1 The main idea, message or lesson that the story presents
2 Giving human qualities to an inanimate object
8 To give a hint about what is to happen in the story
9 A comparison that does not use like or as
10 The height of the action or suspense
12 The story comes to conclusion
13 Creates tension and suspense. May be character versus character or other types
14 A character that does not change or grow
15 Where the story takes place
17 A character that changes or grows throughout the story
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