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Short Story Theory Crossword Puzzle

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Short Story Theory

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Across Down
4 This character has minimal detail and plays a minor role in the story.
6 The reader's tension and the continued interest to find out what happens next.
8 The final outcome of the plot. The conflict is now solved.
10 This character remains the same over the course of the story.
11 A piece of fictional writing that can be read in one sitting.
14 The conversation that occurs between two or more characters in a story.
15 A type of literature category such as historical fiction, realistic fiction, mystery, etc.
16 This conflict happens due to an outside force such another character, the environment, fate, etc.
18 This drives the plot of a story.
19 This is the part of the story where the conflict first begins.
20 This part of the plot provided further information about the success or failure of the protagonist.
21 The car complained as the key was turned. What figurative language am I?
22 The hints and clues provided by the author that suggests the outcome of the story.
23 The events of that happen before the time frame of the story.
24 A fire station burns down. This is what type irony?
26 This is the method in which the author uses to help the reader get to know the characters directly or indirectly.
32 This point of view has the narrator share the story as if he/she were holding a camcorder.
33 In Toy Story, the toys move when the people are not there, but the character
38 The turning point of the story that has the highest point of tension.
39 The meat had freezer burn. What figurative language am I?
40 This character changes over the course of the story.
44 Max is a pig when he eats his dinner. What figurative language am I?
45 The beginning of the story that introduces the setting, characters, and situation to hook the reader.
46 This character is a stereotypical character.
1 A secondary plot that runs alongside the main plot and main conflict of the story.
2 This is used to represent a more abstract idea or feeling. EG. blue to represent a sense of calm
3 The main message about life in the story that the author is trying to share with the audience.
4 This point of view uses pronouns such as I, me, and my. The narrator participants in the story.
5 The main character or force of a story that prevents the protagonist from achieving their goal.
7 The main character of a story that has a goal to achieve or an obstacle to overcome.
8 This is the main part of the storyline in which the protagonist struggles with their conflict.
9 Another word for mood is ______________.
12 The attitude the writer takes towards the audience, subject, or character.
13 The author incorporates this to amuse the reader and to provide comedic relief in situations.
17 This point of view has the narrator as all-knowing about a select few characters.
20 A break in the story to go back to something that happened earlier to explain the current situation.
25 The sequence of events of a story.
27 This conflict happens within the character.
28 This point of view uses the pronouns such as he, she, they, him, her, etc.
29 The clanging pots and pans woke the sleeping baby. What figurative language am I?
30 My friend stated, 'That dog is as friendly as a rattlesnake'. This is what type of irony?
31 It was so cold that I saw polar bears wearing jackets. What figurative language am I?
34 When she lost her job, she acted like a Scrooge. What figurative language am I?
35 A person, object, supernatural being, force, etc are the element of fiction that tells who the story is about.
36 This point of view has the narrator as all-knowing about all characters.
37 The location and time frame of the story.
41 This character has complex detail and plays usually is a major character.
42 The speech patterns within a given language to represent a certain region or group of people.
43 I think that short story theory is as easy as pie. What figurative language am I?
44 The feelings and emotions created within the reader by the story.
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