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Significant People OF The Texas Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Significant People of the Texas Revolution

First and Last Name

              8                         9    
Across Down
3 Brother-in-Law to President of Mexico, Mexican general involved in all major conflicts of the revolution
4 Known as the Father of Texas. Stopped working in repairing relations with Mexico after he was jailed
5 Known as the author of the the Texas Declaration of Independence
7 Extremely skilled Republic rifleman who was killed at the Battle of the Alamo
8 One of the only women survivors at Battle of the Alamo
10 Texas Commander at the Battle of the Alamo
11 Lead Rebels Massacred at Goliad in 1836, his defeat inspired the victory that secured Texas Independence
1 President General of the Mexican Forces
2 Texas Hero who perished at the Battle of the Alamo who had a checkered personal history
3 Mexican general who attempted to intercede on the behalf of the surrendering Texans at the Alamo
6 Sent as a messenger to worn Sam Houston about the Alamo
9 Commander in Chief of the Military Forces of the Republic
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