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Silent 'w' Words Crossword Puzzle

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Silent 'w' Words

                  2           3          
              5           6              
Across Down
1 to what or which person
5 what or which person
6 to twist or squeeze to force water out
7 to struggle with another and try to force or throw him to the floor or ground
9 a circle of leaves or flowers bound together to be hung on doors, etc.
10 the number that comes after 1 and before 3.( 2); it is equal to 1+1
12 a small fold or crease
13 the joint between the hand and arm
14 a small brownish bird; it hold it's tail pointed upward
1 not right; incorrect; not true
2 complete; no missing parts
3 to use pen or pencil to form letters, words, and numbers
4 a very unhappy, unfortunate, and miserable person
6 a tool that has jaws for gripping nuts, bolts, and pieces of pipes
7 a piece of material, such as paper, used to cover something
8 a weapon; a long sharp, pointed blade set in a handle
11 to bump into, hit, hurt or damage another badly; to collide
12 of, relating to, or belonging to whom or which
13 twisted, squeezed, and forced out water or other lidquid
14 to cover by winding or folding
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