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Simple Machines Crossword Puzzle

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Simple Machines

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Across Down
1 A piece of equipment with moving parts that does work when it is given power from electricity, gasoline, etc.
2 Any type of force which has been exerted onto a machine
3 A mechanical device consisting of a grooved wheel turned by a cord or chain with a rigidly attached axle (as for winding up a weight) together with the supporting standards
5 A plane surface that makes an oblique angle with the plane of the horizon
7 A sheave or small wheel with a grooved rim and with or without the block in which it runs used singly with a rope or chain to change the direction and point of application of a pulling force and in various combinations to increase the applied force e
8 A bar used for prying or dislodging something
10 The force that i exerted from the input force, creating motion in the resisting object
11 The quality or degree of being efficient
1 The advantage gained by the use of a mechanism in transmitting force; specifically : the ratio of the force that performs the useful work of a machine to the force that is applied to the machine
4 A piece of wood, metal, etc., with one pointed end and one thicker end that is used to split something, to fit into a space, to separate two things stuck together, etc.
6 Ability to act or produce an effect
9 Activity in which one exerts strength of falculties to do or perform something
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