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Singing Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 The name of any vocal organ above the larynx that takes part in the production of a speech sound, including the tongue, lips, teeth, hard and soft palate.
3 When breathing, you must try to ______________ the ribcage as much as you can so you can inhale the most air possible.
4 The muscles in between the ribs which move the ribs in and out.
5 The fleshy, flexible part towards the back of the roof of the mouth.
7 The name for any cavity where the frequencies made from our larynx vibrate.
9 The set of bones surrounding and protecting your lungs, heart and other internal organs.
10 In learning how to breathe properly for singing, you must learn how to control ______________________ .
11 It is important to be thinking about this when singing because if you are standing correctly then your ribcage will expand properly.
13 The dome shaped muscle that sits right under your lungs.
1 The flat bone in the front of your chest that needs to be kept up when singing.
2 The name of the combination of abdominal and intercostal breathing.
6 These take the oxygen out of the air we breathe in and put it into our blood for our cells to use.
8 This part of the body houses the vocal cords.
12 The name of the muscle configuration in the abdomen necessary for singing.
14 The name of the back of the throat.
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