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Singing Down The Moon Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Singing Down the Moon

Use the clues to fill in the crossword puzzle above

          N   V                                  
      A D O B E           M   L                  
          N   N   B       O   E       T   G      
        P     G   O       T   A       H   O      
  H O G A N   E   U       T   G       I   U     C
        R     F   G       L   U       C O R R A L
        C R O U C H E D   E   E       K   D     A
        E     L   S   I N D U S T R I E S       N
  B A I L E           S               T         S
        S   G     C A P T I V I T Y   S L A I N  
            A         O                          
        H A U N C H E S     E       O            
  M E S A   N         I     W       M            
        G   T     B U T T R E S S   E            
        G             I     S   T U N I C        
G R U E L     H       O         U                
        E   B A R R A N C A S   N U D G E        
              U   A     R   P   T                
              G   V     E   I   E                
              H   I     V   N   D                
              T   N     I   D                    
              Y   E     C   L                    
                        E   Y                    
Across Down
3 A dark, heavy soil, containing clay
10 A tiny house made of mud and branches
12 An encloser for horses or cattle.
13 To bend low
15 Any general business
16 to dip water out of a boat with a bucket
18 Being held in prison
19 Past tense for slay
20 The hip
23 A land formation having steep walls and a relatively flat top
24 A prop or support
26 A coat worn as part of a military or other uniform
27 A cooked cereal
29 A steep walled ravine
33 to push slightly
1 Pine tree
2 Seeking vengeance
4 Spotted in color
5 The distance a person could walk in one hour
6 One of the large or main branch on a tree
7 A thick growth of shrubs
8 A hard shelled fruit of any various plants
9 A small package or bundle
11 A group of families or households
14 Characteristic attitude
17 extremely thin and bony
20 To bargin in a petty
21 A female sheep
22 A good or evil event or circumstance in the future
25 Slowed or stopped abnormally in growth
28 Snobbish, disdainfully proud
30 A narrow steep sided valley
31 A crack forming an opening
32 Long or tall and usually thin
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