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Skeletal And Muscular System Crossword Puzzle

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Skeletal and Muscular System

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Across Down
6 The shoulder girdle is also called.
8 The wrist contains 8 bones called.
9 A disease characterized by softening of the bones due to demineralization.
10 Dome shaped muscle that separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities
13 This muscle is only found in one place.
14 The chewing muscles are also called the muscles of
15 Supports a great deal of weight and can withstand considerable force.
16 The four sinuses are called.
17 There are two type of bone one is compact bone, the other is.
19 A bone-eroding cell that helps in bone remodeling
20 A disorder that causes a loss of bone mass.
1 The palm of your hand contains 5 bones called.
2 Increased muscle tone causing spasticity or rigidity
3 This muscle is generally attached to bone.
4 This type of muscle is called involuntary muscle.
5 The area where the motor nerve meets the muscle is called the.
7 Twisting of the neck into an unusual position, caused by prolonged contraction of the neck muscles.
10 Thick muscle that covers the shoulder joint
11 Shaft of a long bone.
12 The 14 finger bones are called.
18 This bone anchors the tongue.
21 The enlarged ends of the long bone.
22 The kneecap is called.
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