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Skeletal System Crossword Puzzle

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Skeletal System

                            1   2               3                              
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Across Down
1 Defective mineralization or calcification of bones before epiphyseal closure
8 A break in a bone
9 Mature bone cell
10 The end of a bone fits in a rounded socket into another
12 Most flexible type of cartilage
15 Connects bone to mone
16 An ovoid articular surface, or condyle that is received into an elliptical cavity
18 Bones united by cartilage
20 The most abundant form of cartilage
23 A long-lasting autoimmune disorder that primarily affects joints.
24 Freely movable exhibiting a joint cavity
27 The most compressible type of cartligae, resists movement.
33 Destruction and recreatition of the bones
2 Canal at the center of each bone the contains minute blood vessels and nerves
3 A layer of synovial membrane around a tendon.
4 The most dense bone
5 Bone-forming cells
6 Fibrous membranes at the angles of crsinisl bones
7 Site in bones where red blood cells are formed
8 Bones joined by fibrous tissue
11 Consists of 126 bones
13 Joint that only allows gliding movement
14 A form of inflammatory arthritis
17 Elongated shaft of a long bone
19 Fluid filled sac
21 Consists of 80 bones
22 Disease causeing the weakening of the bones
25 Joint where the the axis of a convex articular surface is parallel with the longitudinal axis of the bone
26 Internal layer of skeletal bone
28 Large cells tha resorb or break down bone matrix
29 Disease casuing inflammation in the joints
30 Joint shaped like a saddle
31 Double layer connective tissue that nourishes the bone
32 Joint that only allows one plane of motion
34 The end of a long bone
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