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Skeletal System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Skeletal System

Using the hints, fill out the crossword puzzle (compound words are put together).

                        P L A N E           H        
F I B R O U S       A   E                   I        
        S           R   R     F   F O N T A N E L    
        T     G O U T   I     R     S       G        
R I C K E T S       H   O     A     T       E        
        O           R   S     C     E                
        C     R     I   T     T   C O M P A C T      
        L     H     T   E     U     B                
        A P P E N D I C U L A R     L I G A M E N T  
        S     U     S   M     E     A                
P I V O T     M                     S A D D L E      
            B A L L A N D S O C K E T                
            B O N E R E M O D E L I N G              
            C A R T I L A G I N O U S                
        C E N T R A L C A N A L   A                  
        O     H                   X                  
        N     R                   I   T              
        D   F I B R O C A R T I L A G E              
        Y     T                   L   N              
        L     I       S         D     D              
        O   O S T E O P O R O S I S   O              
        I   S     P   O   E     A     N              
        D   T     I   N   D     P     S Y N O V I A L
            E     P   G   M     H     H              
            O     H   Y   A     Y     E L A S T I C  
            C     Y       R     S     A              
            Y     S       R     I     T              
            T     E       O     S     H Y A L I N E  
  B U R S A E     S       W                          
Across Down
1 a synovial joint which allows only gliding movement
3 this type of joint has no joint cavity and are connected via fibrous connective tissue
7 infant human skull comprising any of the soft membranous gaps between the cranial bones that make up the calvaria
9 intense joint inflammation occurs as white blood cells engulf the uric acid crystals
10 bone disorder caused by a deficiency of vitamin D, calcium, or phosphate
12 dense bone in which the bony matrix is solidly filled with organic ground substance and inorganic salts
13 skeleton includes the skeletal elements within the limbs, pecs, and pelvic girdle
14 connects bone to bone
15 a joint that permits rotatory movement only—called also trochoid
16 a joint that permit movements in all directions except axial rotation
17 a joint allowing multi-directional movement and rotation due to its position in a socket
18 cyclic process by which bone maintains a dynamic steady state
19 a joint connected entirely by cartilage
20 cerebrospinal fluid-filled space that runs longitudinally through the length of the entire spinal cord
23 mixture of white fibrous tissue and cartilaginous tissue
26 literally means 'porous bones'
29 a joint in which the cavity is filled with synovial fluid
30 yellow, flexible cartilage that lines the external ear, some cartilages of the larynx/epiglottis
31 a translucent bluish-white type of cartilage present in the joints, the respiratory tract, and the immature skeleton
32 a small fluid-filled sac lined by synovial membrane with an inner capillary layer of viscous fluid
1 a dense layer of vascular connective tissue enveloping the bones except at the surfaces of the joints
2 a joint where bones can only move along one axis to flex or extend
4 a large multi-nucleate bone cell that absorbs bone tissue during growth and healing
5 inflammation of a joint
6 break in bone or cartilage
8 a young cell that makes bone
11 autoimmune disease characterized by chronic inflammation of joints
20 joint; the site of the junction or union of two or more bones of the body
21 part of the skeleton that consists of the bones of the head and trunk of a vertebrate
22 a layer of synovial membrane around a tendon
24 spicules form a latticework, with interstices filled with embryonic connective tissue or bone marrow
25 the shaft or central part of a long bone
26 bone-forming cell that has become entrapped within the bone matrix
27 rounded end of a long bone, at its joint with adjacent bonef
28 characterized by meshes of the reticular network that contain the developmental stages of red blood cells, white blood cells, and megakaryocytes
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