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Skin And Tissue Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Skin and Tissue

                                H     E          
                                E     R          
                                R     M          
                                P     I          
                S U B C U T A N E O U S          
                Q               S       N   P    
                U                       A   R    
              B A S A L C E L L C A R C I N O M A
                M                       L   P   N
                O R G A N E L L E       S   H   A
                U                           A   P
    N U C L E U S                     M     S   H
                C E L L M E M B R A N E     E   A
M E T A P H A S E                     L         S
                L U N U L A           A         E
    C Y T O S O L                     N          
                C E L L U L I T I S   I          
  M E L A N O M A                 K   N          
                R                 I              
                C                 N              
            E P I D E R M I S                    
          T E L O P H A S E                      
          S W E A T G L A N D                    
Across Down
3 The 3rd and last layer of skin
6 The most common type of skin cancer. Grows and spreads more slowly than melanoma
8 Differentiated structure within a cell, such as a mitochondrion, vacuole, or chloroplast, that performs a specific function
9 Control center of the cell
11 Thin semi-permeable membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm. Primarily composed of lipids and proteins. Keeps harmful things out of the cell, and the good things inside the cell
12 Chromosomes are aligned.
13 Whitish, thickened, half-moon shaped region at the base of the nail plate
14 Solution of proteins and metabolites inside a biological cell, in which the organelles are suspended
15 Inflammation of the dermis
17 Most dangerous type of skin cancer
18 The first of 3 layers of skin
19 Cytokinesis stage
20 Also called the sudoriferous gland
1 Under the epidermis, contains hair follicles and sweat glands
2 Skin irritation around the lips or genitals
3 Usually develops in sun-exposed areas, common form of skin cancer
4 Protective covers at the ends of fingers and toes
5 Chromatin condenses into discrete chromosomes. Phase of Mitosis
7 Paired chromosomes move to opposite sides of the cell
10 This gives our hair and skin its color.
16 Functions: regulates body temperature, houses sensory receptors, synthesizes chemicals, and excretes waste. The largest organ
21 Most common skin condition (85% of people)
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