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Sky Woman Crossword Puzzle

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Sky Woman

  1       2           3      
  5     6                    
10                         11  
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Across Down
2 only one of four animals that brought up earth from water to make a continent
5 fell through hole made by tree to the water below
8 made by Flint which also becane foul smelling
9 Native American Nation in New York State made up of five indian groups
10 group that played an influential role in life of the Seneca
12 rose up form depths of the water and gave Sky Woman a place to stand
13 son that buried his mother and from which came squash,beans, and corn for people
16 imagnative story explains how something in the world came to be
17 author of the origin myth in book
19 what grandmother of sons bcame when she left the earth
1 scattered by Sky Woman to grow trees and other plants on new earth
3 good and bad were left with us from Flint & Good Mind and we must be aware
4 place where people lived before the world existed
6 flew up to and caught Sky Woman as she was falling
7 number of sons Sky Womans daughter had one good and one bad
11 bad son of Sky Womans daughter
13 one of the wide-winged birds that helped Sky Woman
14 only direction daughter could not go when she met the West Wind she was pregant
15 one of five Native American nations that made up the Iroquois
18 reason chief of Sky World was upset with Sky Woman
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