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Small Engines Crossword Puzzle

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Small Engines

3                                 4        
        6                       7       8  
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Across Down
2 engine process of taking fuel and air into the combustion chamber
3 a sliding cylinder fitting within a cylindrical vessel that receives the force of combusting fuel
5 Determining what causes a malfunction in a machine or process
6 a shaft with an offset projection that converts circular motion to reciprocal motion
9 provides fuel and air to the engine in appropriate portions and volume
10 movement of an engine piston to squeeze or compress the air-fuel mixture
12 doing the tasks that keep a machine in good condidtion
13 burned gases removed by the motion of the piston
14 produces electricity by magnetism
16 top ring of the piston
17 movement of a piston which expels burned gases from a cylinder
18 seal between the head and the cylinder block
19 the engine process in which burning fuels expand rapidly but evenly to drive the piston down
1 middle ring of the piston
2 Device that burns fuel inside a cylinder to create a force that drives the piston
4 bottom ring of the piston
7 completes the seal between the piston and the cylinder wall
8 the movement of a piston from top to bottom or from bottom to top
11 to replace a faulty part or make it work correctly
15 all the events that take place to make an engine run
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