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Solar System Crossword Puzzle

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Solar System

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Across Down
4 The name of our galaxy.
6 The area where nuclear fusion occurs in the Sun.
7 A star's magnitude as seen from Earth.
8 Equal to 150,000,000 km
10 Gravity pulls rock, ice, and gas together.
13 These are the inner planets that have dense, rocky surface.
16 Contains the sun, the planets, moons, and other objects that revolve around the star.
19 The trapping of heat by the atmosphere
21 More than 90% of the stars are found in this location.
22 The layer of the Sun that is visible.
1 The distance that light travels in one year.
2 The first stage of life of all stars.
3 Massive planets that do not have a solid surface.
5 Thin disk of small particles of ice and rock.
7 A star's luminosity if it were at a standard distance from Earth.
9 This planet rotates on its side!
11 This planet has 95% carbon dioxide in its atmosphere!
12 Earth's twin.
14 The sudden explosion of a high-mass star.
15 A huge group of stars, dust, and gas bound together by gravity.
17 The tendency of an object to resist change in motion.
18 Closest planet to the sun.
20 A large cloud of dust and gas where all stars begin their lives.
22 What astronomers use to measure distances to nearby stars.
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