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Solar System Formation Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Solar System Formation

                              D         O  
                              E         O  
                              N         R  
                              S     T   T  
            P R O T O P L A N E T   R   C  
              A                     I   L  
              D I F F E R E N T I A T I O N
              I                     O   U  
    N E B U L A                     N   D  
              T E M P E R A T U R E        
A C C R E T I O N                          
      O       N                            
      C       P L A N E T E S I M A L S    
      K       R                       O    
      Y     T E R R E S T R I A L     L    
              S                       A    
    C O L L I S I O N                 R    
              U       B               W    
              R   J   I               I    
              E X O P L A N E T S     N    
                  V   L               D    
                  I   I                    
                  A   O                    
                  N   N                    
Across Down
4 young planet formed out of the protoplanetary disc
6 separation of iron and lighter elements in a protoplanet
7 cold interstellar gas cloud
8 ______________is the main factor that determines what type of planet forms
9 the process by which small ‘seeds’ grew into planets by ice crystals and dust sticking together
11 small bodies of accreted gas and dust thought to have orbited the Sun during the formation of the planets
13 rocky planets with high density and small mass
14 Our moon formed from a __________ of another object with Earth
17 The __________ that have been discovered are surprisingly, Jovian worlds in terrestrial orbits
1 the distribution of iron, silicate and ice according to temperature within the nebula is called _______
2 thick bubble of icy debris that surrounds our solar system
3 _________is a captured moon of Neptune
5 exerted upon any surface exposed to electromagnetic radiation
10 asteroids are primarily ___________
12 stream of energized, charged particles, primarily electrons and protons, flowing outward from the Sun
15 age of the solar system is 4.6 _____________years
16 gaseous planets with low density and large mass
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