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Sound Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                            R     R        
                            E     E        
                            S     F        
                            O     R        
                            N     A        
                            A     C        
                R       A   N     T        
              D E E P P I T C H E S        
                V       R   E              
A M P L I T U D E                          
                R A R E F A C T I O N      
                B                         F
          W A V E L E N G T H             R
                R                         E
      P         A                 E       Q
    H I G H P I T C H E S         C       U
      N   Z     I                 H       E
      N       C O N D E N S A T I O N     N
      A         N                     V   C
                S O U N D I N T E N S I T Y
                              R       B    
                              O       R    
                              U       A    
                              G       T    
                              H       I    
Across Down
5 low frequency sounds have
6 the maximum positive displacement from the undisturbed position of the medium of the top of a crest.
7 particles separated
9 the distance between any two adjacent corresponding locations of the wave train.
12 high frequency sounds have
14 particles pushed close together
16 sound waves spread as they travel, the intensity of sound diminishes as you move farther away from the sound source.
1 the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating
2 When the air near the ground is warmer than the air at higher elevations, then sound
3 multiple, additional reflections heard from these neighboring surfaces
4 sound waves travel through the
8 the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material or in an electromagnetic usually measured per second.
10 the outside of the ear is called the
11 when sounds reflect off of a surface, that reflection is called
13 abbreviation for hertz
15 the act of vibrating.
17 the section which lies below the undisturbed position.
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