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Southwest Asia Crossword Puzzle

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Southwest Asia

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Across Down
5 the ruling class
6 Bahrain tolerated this type of protests
7 underprivileged unemployed youths are
8 type of Turks that have considered the Kurds to be terrorists
13 caused by increased violence
14 two police-men died when demonstrators used ____ bombs
18 Turkey joined the __ in 1945
23 Anatolian plateau located between the ___ sea and Mediterranean sea
24 total ____ of the country is 293 square miles
25 percent of the land that is arable in Bahrain
26 closing ___ gaps represent an achievable and desirable goal
1 most men's roles are favored over __ roles
2 Turkeys population is 99.8 percent ___
3 have a strong presence in the southeast territory
4 Turkey occupies a peninsula consisting of the
9 oil reproduction and refining account for more than ___ percent of government revenues
10 the World Economic Forum is a __ non-profitable organization
11 Bahrain is __ times the size of Washington D.C.
12 ___ Turkey was created in 1923
15 africa/ extreme cases of gender-based disparities in the world occur in the middle east and north ___
16 tried to drive Turkish government forces from southeast territory
17 tiny Persian Gulf country
19 the top four countries closest to reaching equality are in ___ Europe
20 one of the worlds most liberal Muslim countries
21 in Saudi Arabia women are forbidden from
22 Bahrain commands a major presence in the __ Gulf
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