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                    L I G H T Y E A R                                      
                                D   D                                      
                                A   I     S                                
                                R   A     O     S U P E R N O V A          
                                K   T     L         R                      
          S                     M   I     A         O   P                  
          O     S               A   O     R         M   H U B B L E S L A W
          L     U               T   N     F         I   O                  
          A     N               T   Z     L         N   T                  
          R     S               E   O     A         E   O                  
          W     P       A P P A R E N T B R I G H T N E S S                
W         I     O       B           E     E         C   P                  
H         N E U T R O N S T A R               C O R E   H                  
I         D     S       O       S                   S   E                  
T                     P L A N E T A R Y N E B U L A     R                  
E       B   H           U       A                     N E B U L A          
D O P P L E R E F F E C T       R                                          
W   R   A   D           E                                                  
A   O   C   I         A B S O R P T I O N L I N E S                        
R   T   K   A           R                         U                        
F   O   H   G         B I G B A N G T H E O R Y   P U L S A R              
    S   O   R           G                         E                        
    T   L   A         C H R O M O S P H E R E     R                        
    A   E   M           T                     R   G I A N T S              
    R               C O N V E C T I O N Z O N E   I                        
                  P     E                     D   A                        
                M A I N S E Q U E N C E       S   N                        
                  R     S           O         H   T                        
                  A                 R         I   S                        
                  L                 O         F                            
                  L                 N         T                            
                  A                 A                                      
Across Down
1 Distance that light travels in a vacuum in a year, about 9.5 trillion kilometers
5 Explosion so violent that the dying star becomes more brilliant than an entire galaxy
10 The speed at which a galaxy is away is proportional to its distance from us
11 Brightness of a star as it appears from Earth
13 Dense remnant of a high-mass star that has exploded as a supernova
14 Sunís central region where nuclear fusion happens
16 Dying star surrounded by a cloud of glowing gas
19 Large cloud of gas and dust spread out over a large volume of space
20 Used to determine how stars or galaxies or approaching or moving away from Earth
22 A set of dark lines that show where light has been absorbed
24 The universe began in an instant, billions of years ago, when the universe was about two thirds of its present size
25 A spinning neutron star that appears to give off strong pulses of radio waves
26 The middle layer of Sunís atmosphere
28 Large bright stars that are smaller and fainter than supergiants
29 Outer layer of Sunís interior
31 Diagonal band on H-R diagram
2 Region of highly compressed gas
3 Matter that doesn't give off radiation
4 Sudden release of energy from the Sun
6 Huge loops of gas that erupt from sunspot regions
7 A stream of electrically charged particles that flow outward from the Sun
8 Innermost layer of Sunís atmosphere - visible surface of Sun
9 Area in the photosphere that are cooler than surrounding gas
11 How a bright a star really is
12 Small dense remains of a low or medium mass star
15 Large glowing ball of gas in space
17 Object whose surface gravity is so great that even electromagnetic waves traveling at the speed of light cannot escape from it
18 A graph of surface temp or color and absolute brightness of a sample of stars
21 Contracting cloud of gas and dust with enough mass to form a star
23 Very bright stars in the upper right of the H-R diagram
27 Their light is shifted toward the red wavelengths
30 Apparent change in position of an object with respect to a distant background
32 Outermost layer of Sunís atmosphere
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