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                              T                 R                      
                              E   G       S     E                      
                              L   A       A     V   G                  
                              E   S   P   T     O   R                  
                              S   G   O   E     L   A                  
          L                   C   I   L   L     U   V                  
          I       N           O   A   A   L     T   I                  
          G   E   E     H     P   N   R   I     I   T                  
          H   Q   B   G E O C E N T R I C T H E O R Y                  
P L A N E T   U   U     L         S   S   E     N       M E T E O R S  
          Y   I   L     I                     L         I              
          E   N   A B S O L U T E M A G N I T U D E     C              
          A   O         C                     N       F R E E F A L L  
        P R O X I M A C E N T A U R I   O     A         O              
        R               N               R     R     A   G              
        O               T               B           S   R E D G I A N T
      S T A R   A P P A R E N T M A G N I T U D E   T   A              
        O       X       I               T           R   V              
        S       I       C                           O   I              
        T       S       T E R R E S T R I A L P L A N E T              
        A               H                           O   Y              
        R     C O N S T E L L A T I O N         M   M                  
                        O                       E   Y                  
                  A S T R O N O M I C A L U N I T                      
                    O   Y       E     T   N     E                      
                    L           T     M   I   C O M E T S              
              R O T A T I O N   E     O   V     R                      
                    R           O     S   E     O                      
              S O L S T I C E   R     P   R     I                      
                    Y           I     H   S     D                      
          E C L I P S E         T     E   E     S O L A R              
                    T   C R A T E R   R                                
        E L L I P S E           S     E                                
Across Down
11 the idea that the planets revolve around the Earth; early belief;
12 a large object that orbits a star and does not produce light of its own
13 meteoroids that have entered Earth's atmosphere
15 the measure of a star's brightness, based on the amount of light it actually gives off
16 the motion of a freely falling object
17 the star closest to Earth AFTER the sun; 4.2 light-years away
20 a very large old reddish star; has expanded and cooled as energy runs out
21 huge globe of hat gases that shines by its own light
22 the measure of a star's brightness as seen from Earth
23 objects in space that resemble Earth in size, density, and rocky composition
24 a group of stars that seems to form a pattern or picture
26 the distance between Earth and the sun; about 93 million miles; used for measuring distances in the Solar system
31 a small object in space that orbits a star; made of gas, dust, and rock
32 the spinning of an object about its axis; equals 1 complete day
33 the longest day or night of the year
34 a temporary blocking of the sun or moon
35 referes to the sun
36 a bowl-shaped pit usually caused by meteorites
37 a flattened circle or oval shape; the shape of the orbits of planets and comets
1 a device that makes distant objects look larger and brighter
2 the movement of an object around another object; equals 1 year
3 large planets made mostly of gaseous and liquid substances; little or no solid surface
4 a natural or man-made object that revolves around another object in space
5 a natural force that pulls two or more objects toward each other
6 the North Star; lies almost exactly over the North Pole
7 a measurement equal to the distance that light travels in 1 year; about 6 trillion miles
8 a huge cloud of gas and dust in space
9 equal periods of day and night
10 the idea that the planets revolve around the sun; current belief
13 the condition of very low gravity
14 refers to the moon
17 a concentration of matter found in space that is the beginning of a star
18 the path a planet, moon, or other object takes around another
19 the science that studies the origin, features, and motion of objects in space
22 an imaginary line on which an object rotates
25 bits of rock and dust debris left behind by comets
27 the sun and all the planets and other objects that orbit it
28 meteors that have plunged to Earth's surface
29 the layer of gases surrounding Earth or another planet
30 all the matter and energy that exist
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