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Space Exploration Crossword Puzzle

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Space Exploration

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Across Down
2 The Mars Environmental Survey project at JPL
4 Command and Data Subsystem onboard a spacecraft
6 A.K.A. the Red Planet
8 the process of going into outer space; involves a countdown
9 '_ _ _ _ _ _ _, we have a problem.'
11 someone who is sent into space in a spacecraft
12 how we are able to float in space
13 Circles in parallel planes to that of the equator defining north-south measurements, also called parallels
15 A spacecraft's pattern of controlled drift about an unstable Lagrange point (L1 or L2 for example) while in orbit about the primary body (e.g. the Sun)
17 Great circles that pass through both the north and south poles, also called meridians
1 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
3 way of travel through space, which can land on land
5 Downlink from a spacecraft that immediately indicates the state of the spacecraft as being one of several possible states by virtue of the presence and/or frequency of the subcarrier
7 way of travel through space, which can land on land or water
10 where astronauts sent into outer space go
13 liquid oxygen
14 Acquisition Of Signal, used in DSN operations
16 space telescope that was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990
18 International Cometary Explorer spacecraft
19 Mother _ _ _ _ _
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