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Across Down
3 Moves from general nations to a specific instance
5 manipulates statistics to misrepresent facts
8 the process of thinking and drawing conclusions about that evidence
9 errors in reasoning or mistaken beliefs
10 Analyze a typical example in great detail to draw a general conclusion
11 Type of inductive reasoning, drawing a conclusion based on physical evidence
13 Uses a specific case to get to the general truth
1 an assertion that serves as the basis for argument
2 Assuming the argument your making is true
4 Type of inductive reasoning, an illustration in which the characteristics of a familiar object or event are used to describe the characteristics of a less familiar object or event
6 anything that establishes a fact or gives us a reason to believe something
7 Using two premises and a conclusion
12 the science of reasoning; uses a system of rules to help you think during the process
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