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Spelling Words Crossword Puzzle

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Spelling Words

                                1     2      
                        3                 4  
              5       6                      
                            14     15          
16                     17                      
Across Down
3 to twist about or not being able to sit still.
6 an angry disagreement.
7 a supply of weapons or a place to keep armor.
8 talking or a talk with two or more people.
11 a bird; a small slender parrot with a long tail.
12 feeling at ease or feeling comfort.
13 a tall one - handled drinking vessel
16 a person skilled in magic; sorcerer or magician.
17 worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially of being uncommon and extraordinary.
18 providing safety, easy in mind.
19 to break open or in pieces.
20 feeling or showing scorn.
1 to remain alive
2 of different kinds, one or more different things.
4 the day after today.
5 a brief account of daily events, a record of daily or weekly happenings.
6 the art or science of designing and building structures and especially ones that can be lived in
9 a protective case for a sword, dagger, bayonet.
10 a dense smooth shiny body that is considered a gem.
14 lying or moving in the direction
15 to change or twist the meaning of something. or to change the sound of something.
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