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Spider Time Crossword Puzzle

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Spider Time

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Across Down
3 When it is full grown, the black widow spider's body is about the size of this little veggie.
4 Yikes! About 6% of the world's population suffer from arachnophobia, an extreme ___ of spiders.
7 The 'flic-flac' spider, which lives in the ___ Desert, flips around like a gymnast to escape its prey.
9 E.B. White's fictional webmaster (or Carolina town known as the 'Queen City').
12 The pair of feelers on top of a spider's head.
14 Not just black and white, the female zebra spider also sports brown and ___ stripes.
15 Home of synthetic cobwebs folks visit in the fall: ___ house.
17 House's lowest level, home to many a cellar spider.
18 What a spider does to make a web (or a washing machine's final cycle).
19 What Little Miss Muffet was sitting on when the spider sat down beside her and frightened her away.
21 Thrills for two: A Spyder is a perfect ___ for people who like to feel the wind in their hair.
1 Wait! Don't squish it: March 14th is National Save a Spider ___.
2 Sotrybook spider: What Miss Spider and her guests sipped at their afternoon party.
3 The spider monkey is a ___ who hangs out in the tropical rainforests of South America.
5 In the mood for solo fun? Spider solitaire is a ___ for one.
6 Fuzzy friend: A female spider never thinks about shaving because she doesn't mind having ___ on her legs.
8 Hairy, scary creatures: Contrary to their reputation, ___ are not dangerous -- they rarely bite people (and when they do, their bite is very rarely deadly).
10 He's an ordinary photographer who can suddenly turn into Spider Man: ___ Parker.
11 All spiders have ___ legs (but did you know that most also have the same number of eyes?)
13 Catch-y analogy: A web is to a spider as a ___ is to a fisherman.
16 The redback spider has a red ___ on its back.
19 Chatty character: Among other things, it's what author David Kirk's Miss Spider can do that real spiders can't.
20 Gotcha question: To a fly, what is a web?
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