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Sports Marketing Crossword Puzzle

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Sports Marketing

Marketing-Information Management - Chapter 5 Quiz

                              1               2            
                  4                                       5
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8                                               9          
  17                           18                            
                          19             20                  
Across Down
4 research conducted by an independent company offered for sale to businesses in an industry
6 the process of organizing data from multiple sources
8 a panel of people who answer market research questions
10 showing how often each value in a set of data occurs
11 in-house staff researchers who work with external research agencies
12 a reminder of an incomplete online purchase
13 a set of procedures and methods used to collect, analyze, distribute, and store info.
14 finding meaning in data
16 decisions based on data and analysis
17 the range of prices charged for a category of merchandise
21 a process to solve marketing problems using a scientific problem-solving system
1 statistics collected through valid research
2 an estimate or educated guess
3 a small number of representatives of a large group
4 people who start to make an online purchase but don't complete it
5 gathering info. specifically focused on a single target market
7 a calculation of the estimated profit earned from a customer
9 a group of people who share certain characteristics
15 the process of applying computer programming and statistics to data
18 detailed set of computer software instructions on how to sort data
19 an extraordinary amount of data
20 using technology to 'dig up' data
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