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Spring Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 Part of a flower
3 The season after winter in the southern hemisphere
5 Schools in Australia have these outdoor carnivals in spring to raise funds for their school
6 These feathered creatures return back as the weather warms up
9 In spring some animals rise from their dormant state called what?
10 Bees start doing this in early spring
11 Deciduous trees lose these in the winter but they regrow in the spring
12 Spring precedes this season in the southern hemisphere
13 An area of grass kept mowed and smooth
14 The name of the race that stops a nation in Australia?
15 Before it's a butterfly
20 An insect with brightly coloured wings start appearing in spring
23 The light of the sun
24 Holland is famous for these bulb plants
25 The most amount of this falls in the spring
26 Colloquialism describing a young person - a spring what?
27 The first month of spring in the northern hemisphere
28 The stage or time of flowering
29 Allergy usually experienced in spring
1 The month that starts the spring season in Australia
3 A Chinese snack consisting of a pancake filled with vegetables and fried
4 Yellow spring flowers
7 A word describing baby animals or humans
8 Yellow flowered trees in Australia
9 A square piece of material usually used for wiping one's nose
16 A machine for cutting grass
17 Spring marks the start of what carnival in Australia?
18 The sunshine state
19 Spring follows this season in the southern hemisphere
21 Sweetness of smell
22 Thorough cleaning of a house or room
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