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Square Dance Terminology Crossword Puzzle

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Square Dance Terminology

                    1       2                    
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Across Down
4 Dancers walk forward, pass right shoulders, step to the right and walk backwards passing left shoulders
6 Left-hand dancer turns partner with a right-arm swing, using a forearm grasp
9 Dancers move forward, passing right shoulders with each-other and end up back to back
11 Left-hand dancer faces corner, grasps corner with a left-forearm grip, walks around corner, and returns to partner
12 The other dancer of the couple
13 The man takes the ladies left hand in his left and places his right hand in the small of the ladies back. Working as a unit the couple turns around with the man walking backwards and the lady walking forward
14 The position that you start from and always return to after a command
15 Dancers do a light walking step on the ball of the foot, holding the body upright and moving in time with the music
16 The directed dancers move forward between two inactive dancers (splitting them). The inactive dancers move apart to let them through and then move back together
17 Dancers join hands with those next to them, walk forward 3 steps, pause, walk backward 3 steps
1 The right-hand partner directly across the set
2 Couple walks side by side, right hand joined to right hand and left to left in a crossed-arm position. They walk around the square once and return to home position
3 Number of couples in a perfect square
5 The two dancers of a couple exchange places while retaining their original facing direction
7 Face partner and join right hands, pull through and grab the next persons left hand and so on until you reach your partner again
8 Dancers step forward and place appropriate hand into the middle of the circle and walk around the circle
10 All eight dancers join hands and circle towards the direction indicated
16 Partners stand right hip to right hip in a social dance position and walk around each other with a slight lean away from each other until home
18 Left arm turn with partner until facing corner, right arm turn with corner until facing partner again
19 The right-hand partner on the left
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