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Ss10 Chapter 5 Review Crossword Puzzle

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SS10 Chapter 5 Review

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Across Down
7 a mainly economic program introduced by the Macdonald government in 1879. Included the promise of high tarifss, increased settlement, and the completion of the CPR
10 improper activity or conduct
12 Together with Cooke, created the CPR company and started construction on this transportation route
13 a force that operates like the army but is not part of it
15 a document that outlined grievances of the Metis and others in the North-West Territories
16 a large, rapid-fire weapon with multiple rotating barrels, cranked by hand
17 an attitude based on a family hierarchy-the 'father' makes decisions on behalf of the 'children'
19 to formally withdraw from an alliance or federal union
21 Stephen, Smith, and Hill formed this to complete the transcontinental railway
25 a series of battles in 1885 between the Metis and the Canadian forces, brought about by the Metis' attempts to gain recognition of their land rights
31 an act created to regulate the lives of the First Nations of Canada
32 abbv. for Canada's national police force that is now called the RCMP
1 Second Prime Minister of Canada, leader of the Liberal Party at the time.
2 An agreement between the Aboriginal people and the Government over land use and occupation.
3 Leader of the Metis that knew many languages and fled to the USA after being defeated at Batoche
4 First Prime Minister of Canada, leader of the Conservative Party at the time.
5 a piece of paper that could be used to certify possession of land or be exchanged for money
6 Put in place to help conserve the Buffalo for the Metis and Aboriginal people that depended on them for their livelihood
8 civilians with military training who are called to service in times of war or unrest
9 the process of separating grain from stalks of husks; the steam-powered threshing machine saved time and labour
11 an officer with limited authority to administer and enforce the law
13 to rob someone of goods or valuables by force
14 a hospital that treats people with mental illnesses
18 Canada's first transcontinental railway
20 to settle on unoccupied land without legal title and without paying rent
22 strong cheap liquor traded to the First Nations trappers in exchange for furs.
23 an untrustworthy person
24 a minor under the care of a guardian; In our case the government as the guardian
26 Was the chosen location for Louis Riel's trial so results would favour on the side of the Canadian Government
27 General Manager of the CPR that was responsible for the early completetion of the CPR.
28 a group of people who combine their resources to conduct a business together
29 The name of the scandal that forced the resignation of John A. Macdonald during his first term as Prime Minister
30 something that encourages action or greater effort
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