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St. Patrick's Day Crossword Puzzle

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St. Patrick's Day

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Across Down
5 Instead of leprechauns, Holland has the Kabouter, known also as a _______
6 Religious symbol
7 If you catch a leprechaun he will grant you three ________
9 Humorous verse that consists of 3 long lines and 2 short lines
10 Colour of coins
11 Traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth.
12 The original colour associated with St. Patrick's Day holiday
13 Little green magical man
15 Meadow
16 What leprechauns eat
19 Leprechaun's stash at the end of the rainbow
22 A person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death
24 An arch of many colours
25 A leprechaun
27 Country from which St. Patrick's Day originated
28 Country where St. Patrick's Day started
29 'Lucky ______'
31 Language spoken in country of origin of St. Patrick's Day
32 A social gathering
34 Playful punishment for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day
35 Leprechauns make and mend these
1 Leprechauns are usually around ______ feet tall
2 'When Irish _______ Are Smiling'
3 Blarney ______ (landmark in Ireland that is often kissed)
4 Four leafed __________
5 Official language of Ireland, other than English
6 City that dyes their river green on St. Patrick's Day
8 Nickname for Ireland
10 Colour worn on St. Patrick's Day
14 A language group that includes Irish, Scottish, etc.
17 A green colour associated with Ireland
18 Irish symbol of good luck
19 The Patron saint of Ireland is St. _______
20 Where leprechauns live
21 What St. Patrick banished from Ireland
23 A small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers
26 A public procession celebrating a special day, including marching bands and floats
30 Cultural and religious celebration held on _____ 17, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick
33 Lively folk dance
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